Abdi Qeybdiid: The attack On My House Was An Attempt Of Assassination

Saturday, Feb, 3, 2018(HNN) Somali senator,  Abdi Hassan Qaybdiid has accused United Arab Emirates  (UAE) of orchestrating the attack on house late December last year which he  termed an elimination method.

Masked men who appeared to be security forces raided the house of Qaybdid who heads the joint constitutional review committee of the parliament on 30th December, a move initially Somali government denied its involvement.

Speaking to media in Mogadishu, Qaybdiid said the raid was intended to assassinate both himself and his family

“I still sense the danger, my life and that of my family are still in danger, this can happen to any government official. The government should assure the security of the public, “he said.

UAE trained soldiers arrested

The attack was later said to have been executed by Security forces trained by UAE.

Hours after the raid of December, Somali President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo termed the attack  as illegal act and called for immediate probe on the reported raid.

Subsequently, Somali forces arrested 40 UAE trained soldiers who were accused of having involvement in the attack.

No further information about the fate of the soldiers and the outcome of the investigation.

Qaybdiid, a former police chief was elected as senator last year.

Turkey, UAE, United States, UK and several others are helping Somali government train and build its forces.


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