Diarrhoea Outbreak Kills Eight People in Hiiraan Region

Thursday, Feb, 8, 2018(HNN) Eight people have died and several others are in critical condition after an outbreak of cholera in Bulaburde of Hiraan region, official confirmed Thursday.

Abdi Dahir Guur, the diatrict commissioner of Bula-burde said the victims died at various hospitals in the town.

Gure attributed the outbreak of the epidemic to water shortage after the water level of river Shabelle jumped down.

“Water level of river Shabelle dropped and the people of Bulla-Burde town consumed the contaminated water which caused the outbreak of diarrhea, the disease killed about eight people in the town and its environs while other admitted at various hospital in the town,” Gure told Halbeeg.

The commissioner’s sentiment comes barely a day after Hirshabelle health minister, Abdi Moalim Mohamud dismissed reports of cholera outbreak in areas of Hirshabelle state.

The minister said officials from his ministry ascertained that potential cases reported in the state were not a cause of concern but urged the riverine communities to be cautious about the personal hygiene.


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