Somali government announces decision on seafaring borders to ICJ

Somali government announces decision on seafaring borders to ICJ

Tuesday March 5, 2019 (HNN) Deputy Prime Minister of Somalia Mahadi Mohamed Guulleed Khadar told BBC that he had never talked to the controversy over the borders between the two countries in both Somalia and Kenya.

The Deputy Prime Minister added that the two Somali and Kenyan governments have ended their diplomatic ties with diplomatic and diplomatic ties.
Khadar added that ending the dispute over land disputes is at the ICJ’s International Criminal Court, and the Somali government is planning to go there alone.

“Somalia and Kenya are two neighboring countries, neighboring countries, neighboring countries, the relationship between the community and the culture, and the relationship has nothing to do with the issue of maritime issues, and sometimes people are talking about a case before the International Court of Justice, and we are waiting for its decision. ”

The last few days have emerged that the two presidents of Somalia and Kenya will meet in Uganda on 12th of this month in Kampala, where they discuss ways to resolve the disputed territorial dispute between the two countries. , after the Kenyan government recently announced it had diplomatic relations with Somalia.

But according to the statement, the Deputy Prime Minister of Somalia seems to be taking away the dialogue between the two presidents.

Maxamed Yuusuf Cabdulaahi

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